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Our Mission:

Our mission is to unite Wings of Hope members as one voice to be leaders for social change within their community. We will nurture positive values, drug free lives, safe decisions, and health and wellness.

Charity for the people you care about.

Our Vision is to:

Provide early intervention, change the social environment by promoting community norms to decrease the use of alcohol, and other drugs.

Build the capacity of substance abuse prevention programs and services.

Reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among our youth and families by providing alcohol, and other drug use prevention, education, outreach programs and services.

Reason to Believe in Wings of Hope

I want people to understand and have faith that there is Hope and I want them to spread their wings and fly. As long as you have breath in your body, there is HOPE, but only if you believe. I want the people to know there's freedom. There is HOPE. The wings symbolizes how, if you reach out, you can fly above and through all adversity, trials, and any situation. WOH- Your wings mean flying over anything to obtain hope.

Wings of Hope was created in 2016, due to the suicide rate throughout Scioto County was at an all time high. The youth drug and alcohol rate was increasing, our youth were losing a lot of classmates, some were losing family members, and something needed to be done. We had to change the atmosphere that our youth were living in. We needed to talk to our children and let them know there's Hope, and there is a better way. So I created Wings Of Hope, drugs and alcohol recovery services, and early intervention.

Maxine Malone, Founder and CEO, Wings of Hope

What do you do with funds donated to Wings of Hope?

All funds are used for programming to assist at-risk students to achieve academic success while also supporting resiliency by increasing protective factors for participating youth and families. We make sure they have all of the tools they need to survive. The youth are taught leadership skills and are learning how to become positive, productive citizens in their communities. They get to see their world through different lenses than they have before.

We show them that substance abuse doesn’t have to be a part of their lives, and with persistent, dedicated, and hard work, we can help them change the trajectory that their life might end up on. They attend seminars, and conferences. We take them on field trips that sometimes will find us out of state. We want them to see there is an entire world out there waiting for them to make their debut when the time comes. We also host an annual Make A Difference Summer Camp that encompasses 4 days and is held at Shawnee State Lodge and Resort. We use speakers from all over the U.S. from very diverse backgrounds whose specialty is to empower at-risk youth.

Our Board Members

Meet those who make Wings Of Hope possible

Maxine Malone


Sharon Davis


Elsie Harris Shabazz


Dorothy Taylor


Ricardo Nelson

Board Member

Bethany Grant

Board Member

La Toshia Malone

Vice President

Rebecca Miller

Board Member

Talitha Malone

Board Member

Mili A. Stephens-Lopez

Board Member

Arthur Langford

Board Member

Cynthia Anderson Morgan

Board Member

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