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A letter from one of our partners:

UMADAOP of Cincinnati's mission is to provide comprehensive culturally appropriate, evidenced-based prevention, treatment, recovery, and re-entry, services for Hamilton County and to work in tandem with our eleven contiguous partners in Ohio. For the last two years, we have worked with Wings of Hope in Portsmouth, Ohio (one of Ohio's hardest hit cities with the Opoid Crisis), providing evidenced-based drug prevention training, programming, and resources to build resiliency of youth negatively impacted by foster care system due to parents losing their kids to drug overdose, deaths, and opoid use.

Maxine Malone, Director and Founder of Wings of Hope, on a daily basis, saw in her youth programs, feelings of despair, abandoment, isolation, neglect, depression, and anxiety. With her own money and minimal support from the City of Portsmouth, developed at-risk prevention programming activities, which were in line with comprehensive prevention educational standards and positive quantitative results.

UMADAOP of CIncinnati is thrilled about our collaborative Partnership with Wings of Hope of Portsmoputh, Ohio, as we continue to work in tandem with exchanging cultural relevant skill sets to implementing progressive, latest trends in coordinating prevention education resources and community awareness to culturally sensitive population.

As of June 1st, 2022, UMADAOP of Cincinnati Youth Led Leadership Development Initiative will be attending with Wings of Hope, a five day, summer educational trip, a Civil Rights Tour through the south, that will uphold history for theese young people to see, touch, walk and experience the trails of history that will unfold in front of them. This experience will be a history chapter in their life they will have to talk about to their children and grandchildren of the future.

Thank you, Ms. Maxine Malone for your Vision and building our next generation of leaders.


Leah Dennis-Ellsworth, NASW, LSW, CFC-s, MPA

Executive Director, CEO UMADAOP Cincinnati, Ohio

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