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Help us rebuild Bannon Park -

Our Peerless City Park

This is our final version of the upgrade of Bannon Park to be completed this summer, 2024.

Our Vision

Our Peerless Park (OPP) mission is to provide a safe, well-designed and maintained park, for people with all abilities in the City of Portsmouth and the North End Community.

We envision a healthy and vibrant park where everyone is able to be active, explore, learn, play and connect, while improving quality of life by promoting physical activity, a safe and welcoming public space, positive community interactions, and relief from everyday stress. We will provide recreation and park experiences that promote healthy lives, healthy minds and a healthy community; along with making the park inclusive, welcoming and accessible to all.

We will make sure that OPP and recreational space is cared for, not merely


Help us make Our Peerless Park a reality.

We expect to be a community resource encouraging PLAY for L.I.F.E: Leadership. Imagination. Fulfillment. Enjoyment.

We are committed to building and preserving a park that meets the community’s needs in a cost effective, and fiscally transparent responsible manner and is the pride of Portsmouth, Ohio and the North End Community.

You can also help us build Our Peerless Park by purchasing a piece of the playground equipment. We are able to add your logo/name to the piece you purchase. If interested, contact us and we can show you what's available and the cost to purchase.


Raised: $716,000.00 Goal: $700,000 $102.28600 of our goal!

Help us build a park to be proud of. We have bypassed our goal, but this is only for Phase I, we will start working on Phase 2. Thanks for your donations!

Check out renderings of the new park!

About Bannon Park

Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being of children. It impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically and in multifaceted ways.

Wings of Hope is invested in our youth’s future. We recognize the need for the children to be able to play in their neighborhood. Today’s children are overwhelmed with an abundance of activities and fewer opportunities to enjoy outside play. Video games, TV, after-school activities and an increasing focus on academics have led to disappearing playgrounds and playtime. This reduction in free play can negatively impact the development of children.

Since Covid-19 started, our youth have been locked up in their homes and have not been able to venture outside to play. We need to provide our youth with quality and up-to-date playground equipment that will encourage them to go outside and play.

(Bannon Park Currently)

Playgrounds are essential safe spaces where children can be themselves and express their fun-loving nature while developing crucial cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. The youth in the African American neighborhood have always had very limited playground activity because it has not been available and they don’t have the resources to travel to other parks.

The City of Portsmouth owns Bannon Park. The park has a swing set that was first placed there in the 1960’s. It was updated once with one piece of equipment to climb on. We understand the city is not able to update Bannon Park due to financial constraints. Wings of Hope has decided to adopt Bannon Park in order to upgrade it, but we need the help of our friends, neighbors, and our entire nation!

We also know that we have a major drug problem in Bannon Park, so much so, that one of the trees that has been in the park since day one, now has the name of "The Giving Tree". It seems if you want to buy drugs or if you just want to get high, all you have to do is stand under this tree and you will be accommodated. We aren't mad about it, we are okay with this tree being called "The Giving Tree", but with a much different connotation. We actually like the name, but need to change the concept of it. We want the Giving Tree to give back to our youth. This is our youth's park. We are taking it back! We feel if we convert Bannon Park into an awesome place for the youth to play, we will have lots of activity in the park and the substance abusers and drug dealers will move on somewhere else. We are sure they do not want to be watched. It is imperative that our youth do not witness that type of behavior. We have to act on this. Head Start employees tell us that before they can even start their day, they have to scout the park for drug paraphernalia and needles so they can let their kids outside during the day. This is totally unacceptable.

Our youth group in Wings of Hope came to us in April of this year. They saw what they were able to do with the Peace Park on Global Youth Service Day and they asked us to help with a project for Bannon Park. They want to put new equipment so the children will have a place to play. We have met with several people in the city and garnered their support. We have also met with several playground equipment companies and realize this is a major endeavor. We have decided after listening to William Robinson talk about how his son, Brylin, is not able to play on the playground like most children because he is in a wheelchair to make the park and all-inclusive park for all abilities. There will be plenty of things for all children of different abilities in Scioto County to do at Bannon Park.

Our city has been talking a lot lately about diversity, inclusion, and coming together as one. Wings of Hope wants to be a catalyst in this undertaking and put forth our effort to see it come to fruition.

$1 Donated to Bannon Park For Every Bottle Purchased

Our local Chef William Robinson has just released his own line of sauces-THUMP Sauce. He has committed $1.00 of every bottle of his Buffalo Wing Sauce and his Spicy Honey Mustard Sauce to Our Peerless Park. This is huge! You can get your THUMP Sauce here. We want to thank Chef Will Robinson and Amity and Beach for their support.


Raised: $218,412.50 Goal: $700,000 31% of our goal!

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