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Attention parents! Get your children ages 5-14 ready for a life-changing summer experience with Wings of Hope Summer Outreach Camp 2024! Our enriching programs will Ignite Their Imagination and expand their horizons like never before. Don't let your children miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and create lifelong memories. Our aim is to promote mental health and prevent addiction by showing your children all of the educational and fun things available to them. We will give them the opportunity to grow and develop in ways they never thought possible. Sign up now and give the the best summer of their lives! June 10 through August 10, 8:00 AM-3:00 PM, Monday-Friday at the 14th Street Community Center. Registration forms are available now at the community center. Wings of Hope funding provided through the Ohio Mental Health Addiction Services, SOS 3.0 Faith-Based Allocation (mha.ohio.gov) and The Scioto Foundation. Thanks to The 14th Street Community Center for use of their building for the summer camp.

Youth Empowerment 2-day workshop: "Let's Talk About Our Authentic Self"

A 2-day youth empowerment workshop aiming to equip young minds with confidence, self-esteem, and essential tools to combat substance abuse and mental health issues, combatting prevalent stigmas and empowering them to shape their own bright futures.

Little Hands and Little Feet

"Little Hands and Little Feet," led by Samantha Strickland Brewer, teaches young people the importance of God in overcoming life's challenges, fostering love, kindness, and an appreciation for art in God's world, with a focus on inspiring positive change and unity through faith, love, and embracing diversity.

Photography Web Design & Much More

This is a comprehensive program offering a range of skills including photography, broadcasting, journalism, public speaking, editing, equipment handling, set design, critiquing, and interviewing techniques, with a focus on preparing youth for various public events and interviews.

Music and You

Wings of Hope's 'Music and You' program harnesses music therapy to improve memory, reduce stress, aid coping, and support recovery from trauma and PTSD, while enhancing intelligence, mental health, and the immune system, leading to relaxation, improved mood, and positive emotions by stimulating brain reward centers.

Kids Kuisine and Life on a Plate

A Nutrition Education program called "Kids Kuisine" and "Life on a Plate," teaching children aged 6-12 about nutrition, meal planning, cooking, and healthy living, with a focus on those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who may need help finding nutritious food options at home.

Summer Outreach Program

The Summer Youth Outreach Program aims to enhance self-esteem and overall mental and physical well-being while addressing community challenges like substance abuse, poverty, and mental health through a holistic approach, offering various projects including fitness, cooking, equestrian activities, life skills, and art.

Equestrian Kids

We partner with Wild Wes Stables to offer Equine Therapy for our youth, which provides physical and emotional benefits such as improved balance, coordination, and mental health, while also fostering self-confidence and emotional control, with plans for ongoing summer programs.

The Catchers Mitt Program

The Catcher's Mitt Program is an academic initiative designed to support children focusing on building knowledge and skills in teachers and staff to recognize and manage adjustment disorder crises, fostering various skills, and providing a holistic approach to address children's needs through education, counseling, recreation, STEM activities, and art, delivered by qualified professionals.

Mary C. Holmes STEM Camp

Wings of Hope is proud to announce the Mary C. Holmes STEM Camp, sponsored by Mary C. Holmes STEM. The camp will focus on providing underserved and underrepresented kids the opportunity to learn computer science-related concepts at an early age.

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