Let's Talk About Our Authentic Self

Date & Time: September 23-24

Location: Great Wolfe Lodge, Mason, OH

Presented by Umadaop Cincy

Ages: 10-17

Wings of Hope in collaboration with Umadaop Cincy at their youth empowerment 2-day workshop, "Let's Talk About Our Authentic Self" on Saturday, September 23rd and 24th at 10:30 AM at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. The youth were so moved by the speakers.

We have to teach them while they're young, so we instill their confidence, self-esteem, and the tools they need to survive in our world of substance abuse and mental health problems. Stigmas are negative beliefs or attitudes about people or topics and are unfortunately very common. Many people stigmatize others without even knowing it.

There are many harmful stigmas about mental illness and alcohol and drug use disorders, and they often keep people from getting the help they need. Getting to know the truth behind addiction and mental health can help everyone beat these stigmas, once and for all. We have to show them that their future is whatever they want to make it. Reach for the stars! "Talk About Their Authentic Self", "Walk It Like We Talk It", and break the chain!

We are invested!

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