Music and You

Date & Time:

Location: Wings Of Hope, 1204 13th Street

Ages: All ages

Wings of Hope is looking for donations of musical instruments. Do you have an instrument laying around that is not in use anymore? Our youth can greatly benefit from their use.

Our youth will be involved in a Jazz Ensemble starting in our summer outreach program this year. Any volunteers, musicians interested in joining in teaching, please inbox Wings of Hope "Music and you". Healing program.

Music therapy is an evidence-based treatment that helps with a variety of disorders including cardiac conditions, depression, autism, substance abuse and Alzheimer's disease. It can help with memory, lower blood pressure, improve coping, reduce stress, improve self-esteem and more.

Music therapy is a creative and holistic approach to healing, as well as the development of constructive and positive coping strategies. It has proven to play a big role in helping patients recover from negative events and experiences as well as those suffering PTSD.

Music is said to enhance intelligence and focus, improve mental health, and boost the immune system as well as self-esteem and confidence. It can be used to relax, to boost and lift our mood, or to improve concentration. Music evokes positive emotions and stimulates reward centers in the brain.

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